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A Note about the Time Limit

For anyone who's on the fence about signing up the Ten Bay 10K because they are concerned about the 1hr 30min time limit:


I (Mary, one of the Race Directors) was able to do the course in 1hr 10min at a pace averaging 11:25/mile. This was walking ALL of the uphills (15-17 min/mile pace, 20 min/mile at Trunk) and jogging the downhills and flats (9-11 min/mile pace). It took me 16 minutes to get to Caneel Bay (1.5 miles, 4 minutes before the checkpoint cutoff time) and 26 minutes from there to Peter Bay (18 minutes before the checkpoint cutoff time).


Looking at the 2016 8 Tuff Miles results, 40% of the over 1100 participants ran at or faster than a 11:25/mi pace. The cutoff times for the TB10K allow for a 13:00-14:00/mi pace. Of the 8TM participants, 70% ran this pace or faster.


We hope that this information convinces you that you can do it!

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